• Introducing my kids to problem solving skills

    I’m currently reading ‘Think Like a Programmer’ by V.Anton Spraul, it’s an awesome book and well worth grabbing for anyone doing programming. The author has been teaching programming for over 15 years and explains the one key ‘missing skill problem solving, the ability to take a given problem description and write an original program to solve it’.

    By introducing my kids to problem solving at an early age, I can allow them to combine their creative ‘right brain’ with the structured ‘left brain’, normally associated with learning things like programming. Not only does this make them more balanced but encourages coding as a creative activity.

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  • Hello, world!

    What better way to start my new blog than a ‘Hello, world!’

    The ‘hello world’ is the classic computer program that displays some feedback (output). Just like you might say hi to a friend, and they say hi back, intern providing a response/acknowledgement; the ‘hello world’ is that feedback with your software or device.

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